Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where is Summer

"The Summer that Wasn't" means that there has been a lot more cause for umbrellas and gumboots than is expected in January. But between showers there's been time for sundresses and with people being driven inside, the bars have seen some incredible music.

A rare sun-dress moment. Never one to shy away from colour, Ruby taps into retro pastels and lace details.

Ruby, Surry Hills

Anon, Gang Festival Opening, Chippendale.

40s gangstar.

Irina, Annandale.

Because its just as much about the guitar you choose as how you play it, this girl gets extra points for style.

Starstream, Was I there in your future? festival, Annandale

The Laurels, Was I there in your future? festival, Annandale

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