Monday, December 10, 2007

Open Air Gallery

This style of street art is appearing around the tracks. It's awesome. who ever this is, it's brilliant. this is one of the smaller pieces. By the time i went to photograph some of the others they had begun to fall down. I'll post more when i see them.

Alex and James, Paddington

The market stall owners are often the coolest cats at the markets. This new poster boy for duke mag is no exception. Check out the mag, it features a killer centerfold.

Hardly over the top or controversial, but this guy does sophisticated really well. He was just as sweet as he looks.

Anwyn, Darlinghurst

Sarah, Glebe

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December, Holidays, Woot!

This lady played La Femme with her band "The Huckleberries" on Sunday. Not only was she rad styling, she was pretty much the coolest act all day. Apparently they've broken up. Which if you ask me is a crying shame. I hope I heard wrong.

I couldn't find a link for em. Let me know if you find one.

The fry pan is a bit strange... it's a long story. But the vest and classic black and red combo works. The red is deeper than alot of what has been ahead. A nice sophisticated change.

Gorgeous Kurt, Redfern

Awesome hat and scarf combination. Just works, especially for this farce of a summer.

Matt, Darlinghurst

A stylish take on the flannel shirt.

Yerimy-Yerimy ( , Strawberry Hills